Friday, April 10, 2009

Guilt in a paper wrapper

While in The Netherlands these past 9 days we have made an effort to try as much Dutch food as possible. Ham and cheese on bread for breakfast has been a big hit. Fries with mayonnaise however, has probably cured me of my addiction to fried potatoes.

So far we have tried:

Hachee: Beef stew with gravy served with red cabbage and potatoes.

Hutsput(?): Mashed potatoes with carrot and meatballs.

bitterballen: Beer battered deep fried meatballs.

Krokets: Deep fried rolls with meat? inside.

Patat: Fried potatoes with mayonnaise and even worse;

Patatje Oorlog: Fried potatoes with onion, mayonnaise and satay sauce (to my defense, it was actually Mats who ate this!).

Patat & patatje oorlog.

"It started out really tasty, like many other disgusting things" - Mats.

Poffertjes: Mini pancakes with lots of icing/powdered sugar and butter.


Traditional Dutch food recipes can be found here.
This article was inspired by Mats' article on Dutch Food.


pinkie said...

I can't believe you don't like fries met mayo! It's my fave!

Make sure to have the panneoeken. My favorite place to have them is

Angela said...

Oh I love them but I always regret eating them haha!

We'll check out pancakesamsterdam, we are yet to try panneoeken here, i've heard it's a must! Any particular flavour that's to die for? :)