Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Work Situation

Some numbers related to my professional life in Amsterdam since moving here almost 2 years ago;

~ 13 - jobs somewhat related to my career that I could apply for
~ 28 - jobs not specific to my career that I would do out of shear desperation for something to do
1 - university course related to my career path I could apply for
5 - volunteer jobs in the Netherlands I would love to do
9 - recruiters that I am signed up with
~ 46 - job applications and cover letters sent
2 - emails regarding university studies sent
0 - rejection or follow up letters
2 - call backs for jobs somewhat related to my career
2  - call backs for jobs not related to my career
2 - interviews for a jobs somewhat related to my degree
2 - interviews for a jobs not related to my degree
1 - rejection letter following an interview (pointing out that I went to 4 here)
1 - job
1 - number of years employed

(If you're considering moving to Amsterdam and are reading this please don't let it discourage you, my field is very specific (geosciences, geospatial) so finding relevant work here is harder than many other fields).

Pretty pathetic and extremely frustrating. More frustrating is the pattern of never hearing back from any of these places in regards to my application. Not one rejection letter, do companies and institutions here lack that amount of common courtesy and good business practice? It boggles my mind.

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kayleigh said...

is there lots of jobs in the tourism field? I'm done school in two months and plan to move to amsterdam from Montreal Kay.sosnowski@gmail.com