Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where are all the fun police that I'm so used to?

It didn't take long for Amsterdam to feel like home (of course, only after the initial shock of coffeshop after coffeshop wore off). The most obvious thing to me is the laid back carefree and friendly attitude. Coming from Sydney, where everything you do is governed by about 25,000 rules that are plastered everywhere, all over the streets, on public transport and in almost every commercial building, Amsterdam is a free mans mecca.

In Amsterdam on a sunny day people take their tables and chairs and sit outside on the footpath to soak up the yummy sunny weather. As we walk past they smile and say hello. I automatically think of Manly - Sydney, If this was to happen there, there would surely be an outcry of cranky people sending letters of complaint to the local council and the local newspaper, within a week there would be a sign telling you not to loiter on the footpath.

In Amsterdam adults use common sense. In Manly you're told by a big sign that you're not allowed to spike peoples drinks with GHB.


And Kathleen said...

What an adventure! I can't wait to read all about it.

Angela said...

It is such an adventure! I really like it here already (which is really surprising for a nature lover!?) :)

SparkleQueen said...

You should definitely blog about your time! I would love to read all about it.

& thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

hannybanny said...

In the last hour I'd grown terrified from reading one Aussie ex-pat's descriptions of her negative experiences living in the Netherlands...and then I clicked my way here and your blog is so hopeful and positive. *INHALE* -- fresh air!

Fellow Aussie trying to find feet in Amsterdam.

Angela said...

hannyBanny: There are a lot of ranting expats out there! I think if we read some of those we may have considered not coming here at all, so I'm glad I didn't discover them until after we locked ourselves in! :) I think it's fantastic here and I prefer to surround myself with the plenty of bloggers who also like it here instead :)