Monday, July 6, 2009

Cycling Trips: To Bloemendaal aan Zee and back

Cycling in the Netherlands is fantastic because it is so flat, you can go for long stretches without the exhaustion. This weekend we rode with some friends to Bloemendaal ann Zee and back. I definitely recommend this trip if you're visiting Amsterdam for a week or more, or living here.

Amsterdam -> Haarlem -> Bloemendal aan Zee
Distance: Roughly 20 km each direction.
Level: Easy but long.
Perks: Taking a rest in Haarlem for a broodje and a beer. The beach is surprisingly lovely (even for someone with Sydney beach standards :)). Going by Schipol and watching the planes fly over you.

Photos courtesy of our guest Tony

Leaving Amsterdam

Stopover in Haarlem for a beer and a broodje

Bloemendaal aan Zee


The long ride home


thamarai said...

Sounds like a fun trip! these biking lanes are indeed such a blessing!! I really spend a lot of time wandering around! :D

Angela said...

The lanes are great! I love the structure for cyclists here, I've never really ridden a bike before last year and I've found I'm getting a lot better and much more confident here :)

John does Amsterdam said...

i've always wanted to cycle to bloemendaal.

maybe after this week - since it's supposed to rain ALL week. bummer.

Life Abroad said...

that looks like such a fun daytrip. i love the photographs! i was at zandvoort this weekend. i've never seen it so busy and packed, and the weather felt straight out of southern europe...beautiful!

Tejvan Pettinger said...

How I wish more countries could be as bike friendly as Holland. There are quite a few reasons why cycling in Holland is popular, perhaps we should send some British town planners over

Suzanne said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this! I'm really liking biking lately in this unusual nice weather and I've been wondering about a longish trip to go on with a fun destination. This fits the bill!

Unknown said...

Great plan & great blog post! :-)

I wish I lived closer to the beaches at this time of year. I'm too far away to do a cycling trip to the beaches from where I live, but you are absolutely correct about the easy-factor of cycling around & what great things to see along the way! So much you can't enjoy from the car & a nice treat to stop along the way for a drink & a bite to eat!