Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Cat

Free to a good home*

*Also willing to trade for another cat

Of course this is a joke and I would never abandon or palm off my sweet little kitty just because she has picked up some annoying behaviours (probably from me) lately.

The last couple of weeks she has been seriously bullying us.  She has been waging biting wars against our unsuspecting feet and Jumping up on chairs and our bed to bite our arms. We have been trying several things suggested by cat behaviourists to stop this behaviour, spray bottle, yelling "ow", putting our palm in front of her face and forcing her to back off... It just has her coming back for more.

It has crossed my mind that she is suffering a little from separation anxiety because I am no longer here with her all day. Before leaving for work she sits between me and the door and meows very sadly. My aim this weekend is to invest in a lot of kitty toys to keep her entertained during the hours i'm at work, hopefully it helps and I have my happy kitty back before too long!


Invader_Stu said...

I was considering kitty kidnapping last weekend so you should not joke about things like that :p

I love cats but yours does sound like a bit of a handful at the moment ;)

Charles said...

Love Kittens!!!!!!

The toys won't do if they don't move, chasing is in their nature.

Lizzy said...

Aww, I had similar problems with my dog when he was a puppy. I love reading about animal behavior too. I've heard the best way to deal with separation anxiety is to not pay any attention to them directly before you're leaving the house or directly after returning home. That way, your coming and going is tied to a very mellow feeling rather than one of excitment. (This method also helps with dogs that pee when they're excited to see you.) As for the biting thing, my dog did that too! It was aweful. I think it's just a phase though. I just kept saying "NO BITE" while pushing him away and after a long time he finally got it! Not sure if any of this would work on a cat, but I maybe it helps. Good luck!

thamarai said...

aaah! cuute kitty! I hope she gets used to the new routine soon..:)

Amanda Blog and Kiss said...

Awwww, the psycho kitty is just using her whacky behavior to hide the sadness of you leaving every day. The only one of you that wasn't happy you got a job. :(

Suzanne said...

You nailed it. She's desperate for attention. Five full minutes of attention the minute you come in the door will save a lot of anxiety later. Cats are just little people in fur. And if she's young, your sudden absence is confusing and she needs extra love during the transiton. She's sooooo cute!!! What's her name. And yeah! Don't joke like that!

Angela said...

Stu - She is a handful but the fluffyness makes up for everything :D

Charles - I will look into toys that move, but maybe that's best kept for when we're home, so we don't come home to a trashed apartment hehe :)

Lizzy - Thanks! Not paying attention to her in the morning is really helping actually!

Thamarai - She is too cuuute :) And me too! I think she is a little more mellow this week.

Aggie - this one is enough haha I don't think I can handle 2 Pogo's :)

Amanda - Oh :(

Suzanne - That's helping too! Thanks! Her name is Pogo :)

SparkleQueen said...

aww, your cat is soo adorable!


Invader_Stu said...

It always does :)

Anonymous said...

Aw what a sweetie! I used to have a dog that missed me so much when I was away that he coped by chewing up my things. Isn't it amazing how animals can get so attached to you so quickly?