Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where has Summer gone?

I hate to admit it, but it happened today, a pang of wanting to be living back by the beach. A pang bad enough to even make me want to be living back in Manly Beach, Sydney. My expressed wish, my "big dream" has always been to live on one of the isles of Hawaii. I feel so far away from all of that right now.

I love Amsterdam and I love liberal European ideals but the cold in combination with the early darkness and the high density urban sprawl was a little gloomy today. I want sun and beaches and nature.

Sunny days followed by torrential rain

I miss clear blue water and waves. I even miss almost being killed* several times while trying to learn to surf "Ang!!! PADDLE PADDLE PADDLE" as a wave the size of me comes crashing down, tosses me around and sends my board slamming into my face.

The Bower Break. Just off our local  Shelly Beach

Secret trails to secluded beaches

I miss early morning swims before work, and cracking open a coconut for breakfast at a secluded beach not many people venture to.

Collins Beach, will always remain as Little Penguin Beach to us

I miss smoldering weekends, packing our boards and heading up or down the coast with friends. BBQ's on the beach and the music of guitars with a Corona in hand and our bare feet in the sand.

The mini mal I hardly got to use

Looking at the tropical birds in the trees 

I love Amsterdam and I love my life here. But being here is part of a road that will eventually take me away. Until then all I can do is dream of the tropics and enjoy the ride in what I think is the most beautiful city in the world.

* I may be exaggerating a little.


Anita said...

Hahaha ! Imagine me, ten years here and I still think it is abnormal to be in the darkness at 4pm. during winter time. I still miss many Brazilian things of course, but I am glad of other things that became part of my routine and reality. That's the life I chose for me.

Unknown said...

What pretty pictures! I can understand how you would miss this, comparing it to the weather now.

Have a great week!

Invader_Stu said...

Same for me. After 8 years it still takes me by surprise every time it suddenly gets dark around this time of year... And I'm from Briton. We are not known for a great weather...

Sorcerer said...

the pics are beautiful..
i heard that those places are soo awesome..want to take a break and visit all those cool places